Design Essentials Express Conditioner (Your Hair Will Thank Me For It)

Saturday, November 26, 2011
I want to talk about my all time favorite hair treatment- Design Essentials Express Instant Moisture Conditioner. It's pretty freaking amazing, and I rarely rave about hair products.
What it is- an amazing deep conditioning treatment that leaves your hair tantalizing soft and smooth. The kind of smooth that makes you stroke your hair over and over again, completely mesmerized by the silky strands that is  now your hair (this was my sister, about a month ago when she tried it for the first time. She just sat there and pet her own head for ten minutes. "It's so soft!").

I can't take a picture that shows you how soft my hair is. I wish I could let you touch my hair through the internet.

We used Express at my cosmetology school and without fail, every individual who used it would instinctively reach up to try to touch their hair, especially while I was blow drying. Hey! Lady! You can touch it when I'm done!
I recommend using it with heat, for the best results. I know not everyone has a hooded drying for use at home so I strongly recommend a bonnet attachment for your blow dryer, (like this one). Using a bonnet dryer does make me feel like a little old lady, but it works. I bought mine at Sally's for around $7.
Here's what I do. After shampooing my hair, I hop out of the shower and towel blot my hair. I comb a good portion gently through my hair, from root to end and put a shower cap over my head. I plop down in a chair, set my blow dryer to LOW heat, and attach the bonnet to it and put it over the shower cap.
15 minutes later, I'm comfortably drowsy and very warm and I step back into the shower. I'll rinse it out with cool water and proceed to dry and style my hair as usual.

What I like about this conditioner is that it is not heavy, my tresses do not lie limp with the weight of the moisture. It smells rather nice too. It's just such a nice pick-me-up for your hair, to keep it manageable and silky soft.  I like to use Express every two weeks or so, and the difference is noticeable.
The easiest way to find this product is probably at salons that carry Design Essentials or online, at Amazon or Ebay for around $10.

What is your favorite conditioner?

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