Freaky French With Zoya Savita

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Good evening!

I've really been enjoying some of the manicures I've been doing lately that involve tape. This one is no exception. I had this idea to use paper edging scissors meant for scrapbooking to create custom nail guides. Only, I amped it up a little by doing more than just a simple tip. I thought that since Funky French meant an interesting colors used for the tip, this takes it a little further- Freaky French!

I used Zoya Savita here, with a topcoat of Seche Vite to make it glossy. Speaking of Zoya, I had an amazing experience with their customer service. Last week, I ordered a few polishes when I received an email about the B2G2F code. Yesterday, I checked the status of the order, and there was a mysterious set back. I emailed them about it, and wouldn't you know- I was emailed back about 12 hours later (and considering most of those 12 hours were not business hours, I was impressed!). Even better, it was a friendly, personalized email (automated responses bum me out) that let me know that the whole situation had been sorted out. Neato!

I can't wait to get my order (Yara, Neeka, Posh and Mira).

Have a great night!

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