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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Confession: I have a hard time keeping all my nail related things super tidy. For some reason, the makeup and brushes are put away pretty neatly but my desk looks like a forest of polishes, covering every flat surface. I also have so many nail art supplies; literally boxes full of things like striping tape, brushes, rhinestones and the like. SO MUCH STUFF. In an effort to tidy up and to organize things because I'm expecting a long distance move this year, I've been looking into more storage options.
Recently, I saw this really awesome method of storing nail plates over at one of my new favorite blogs- Daily Something. I tackled this little project, but wanted to keep my costs to a minimum.

First I hunted around the house for a three ring hole binder. I also ordered some transparent sheets of baseball card protectors (from Amazon, like these ones here). I bought a 30 pack, but in hindsight I should have gone for the 25 pack or lower because each sheet holds 9 plates and I certainly don't own 270 nail plates (so this little endeavor really could have been even cheaper- the 25 pack is $6 something). Oh well- it was $8.39 with free shipping because of Amazon Prime.

Next, I stopped at my neighborhood Dollar Tree because I knew they had shelf liner. One roll of it was more than enough for all my plates (three sets of Bundle Monster plates, various Konad & Fauxnad plates and more).

I cut the shelf liner into small pieces and placed them in each pocket to provide a secure backing for each plate so that they wouldn't fall out.

I also had a few sheets of those full page transparent protectors to hold my XL and other large plates such as the A series plates. In the future, if I buy more A plates (which are 7cm in diameter, if I recall correctly) I may buy a pack of sheet protectors that divide the page in half.

I love this binder storage idea because it displays each and every plate while protecting them. This is fabulous because some of my fauxnad and the first Bundle Monster series plates have wicked sharp edges. Before, my plates were rattling in a box, and they were scratching each other up and it was annoying picking through the pile to find which one I wanted.

$1 for the roll of shelf liner, $8.39 for the protector sheets, $ Free.99 for the binder because I'm a pack rat who never throws away old notes and school supplies. Less than $10 for a solution for one part of my nail clutter? Brilliant.

How do you store your nail plates and other nail supplies?

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