Tesla Coil Sparks Inspired Nails - Born Pretty Plate M70

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi folks! I wanted to show you my latest manicure that I did last night. I was browsing through pictures of neat things that people have done with Tesla coils (I'm a lonely, nerdy kid) and when I came across this picture from Tesla Down Under, I was thought "Hmm. Neat. I need this on my nails. Also, for my Jeep."

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That's where this plate comes in. The online nail art super store, Born Pretty Store sent me a few plates to review, and the splatter design on the plate M70 was perfect. It worked great, I like that the plates from Born Pretty are very What You See Is What You Get- true, there may not be any backing, the edges are a little rough (not sharp though) but they're priced well.

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I started out with a base of Revlon Black Lingerie. I then mixed Sinful Colors Dream On and Konad Special White polish right on the plate, and double stamped it. The result wasn't half bad! It's not as vivid as the purple from the Tesla coil and a tad bit smudged because I was impatient... but it'll do. While staring at it today, I felt kind of like Emperor Palpatine.

This code does not net me any commission  if you choose to use it.  It's just a code to save!

Anyways, this plate is $2.32 at Born Pretty Store with free world wide shipping. Also, don't forget that you can use my code on top of that!

Have a great night!

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