Polished by KPT Blue is Beautiful

Monday, April 29, 2013

 Blue is Beautiful. That's more than just the name of this Polished by KPT lacquer, it's a statement.
Just look at this polish! A thermal polish that changes from pale cornflower-grey to dark navy with beautiful shifting glitter. The glitter is blue-purple. The first picture I took when the bottle was room temperature and my nails were slightly cool from the fan in the room, two coats over white.

These next two pictures are of Blue is Beautiful by itself, two coats. The second picture was taken after my hot shower, you can see while the bottle I'm holding is very cool from sitting by the window, the color on my nails is almost translucent, except for the tips. As you can see, BIB is much more vibrant and well, blue when worn over white. I think it looks really lovely and smokey by itself though.

The formula was good, opaque in just two coats for me. I love how dramatic the color change is and also the twinkling glitter. Blue is Beautiful is $12, sold here. I have some bad news though, this polish is limited edition. If you want to get your mitts on this exceptional blue, I'd definitely follow Polished by KPT on Instagram (@polishedbyKPT) for the latest updates on restocks. For international folks, Polished by KPT will start to be stocked by Shoppe Eclecticco.

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