Kose Softymo Super Clean Tissue

Friday, February 25, 2011
Good afternoon folks!
Throughout the day, I tend to get a very oily t-zone when I'm active (like blowdrying hair, shopping for groceries, etc). Through the use of Urban Decay De-Slick In a Tube, I can usually control it but there's times when I accidentally leave De-Slick at home or need to remove excess oil before I put it on.
Enter, blotting sheets. I've already reviewed the Boscia ones and today I wanted to talk about the Kose ones. Kose's Super Clean Tissue comes in a packet with 60 sheets. I was so happy when I won an auction for them on eBay and ended up paying less than $3 (including shipping!).

These are just plain awesome. They're thicker than any other blotting sheet I've tried, and quite large in size. They absorb way more than any sort of film I've used before and are really good at leaving my makeup untouched.

Here's a size comparison next to trusty Mr. George

 I've actually found that one sheet is more than enough for my oily nose, I'll sometimes cut them in half to get more use out of them They're a grey color that turn black when they touch oil. For some reason, I find this really neat rather than disgusting. I get sort of grossed out when I use blotting sheets that turn clear and oily when I'm done.
A used sheet. Look how black it gets!
The one drawback that I can think of is that the packaging isn't a pop-up dispenser. Sometimes it's tricky to get just one sheet out when they're stacked together.

Do you use blotting sheets at all? What do you use?

Product featured was purchased by me, for my use.

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