Another Small Fyrinnae Order

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A comment from Larie of Eye Heart It reminded me that I made a tiny little Fyr order and forgot to post about it. It was a little pick-me-up order that I made right after finals, mainly to replenish my Pixie Epoxy (my tube is finally running low after a year and a half of frequent usage!)

I ordered six mini shadows and received one sample. I'm truly sorry that the cold weather outside does not allow me swatch these the way I want to, out in the sunlight. 
In all the swatches, the left hand side is on dry skin and the right hand side is over Pixie Epoxy. 

Polar Bear is a light beige-y gold with a slight smokey base. One of my all time favorite shadows. I actually owned this before but managed to lose it. It's so good, I had to rebuy. 
Book Of The Dead is a tawny gold sparkle. 
Pyromantic Erotica (Arcane Magic) is orange with a subtle green sheen. 
Velvet Vampire (Arcane Magic) is a rose with bright pink sparks. 

Tyr looks like a light minty jade in the pot, but it turns out to have a black base with green and gold sparkles. 
Dark Fantasy (Arcane Magic) is also a blackened base, with rich green forest sparkle.
Steampunk (Arcane Magic) has a dark base, with  brown sparkles. At some angles, it looks magenta, truly a marvel. 

Sigh. I wish it was spring already. 

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