Love & Beauty Yellow -Boring Name, Fascinating Polish

Friday, December 2, 2011
Today, I have a very interesting polish to show you, from Forever 21 Love & Beauty called simply, "Yellow". I think it is an exact dupe of Revlon Pineapple Fizz, minus the scent for only $2.80. Yeah, that's right. I found an even cheaper dupe for a drugstore polish, hah!
By itself, this polish is gross. This is three coats.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? "Mimi, who peed on your nails?" The flakes don't make the sheer yellow any easier to look at. My nails look stained.

Over other colors, it's a bit more interesting.
Base colors:

From left to right: Sally Hansen Endless Night, Color Club Almost Famous, Sinful Colors Why Not, NYX Jungle

Here's one coat of Yellow on top of those shades.

It looks kind of streaky over the two blues, but on Almost Famous (yellow) and Endless Night (black with maroon shimmer) it looks quite nice.

I did a full mani with Yellow over Sally Hansen Endless Night since I liked it so much.

Look how those flakes, look! The base color glows too, a great combination. This is kinda what I had hoped OPI DS Mystery would look like... only not as purple.

Do you have this Love & Beauty polish? Or the original Revlon Pineapple Fizz? Does it actually smell like pineapple?

Have a great night!


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