Review: Conair You Curl XL Conical Wand

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When it comes to hair tools and hair products... I'm a snob. I really am. I turn my nose up at drugstore products and insist on professional tools. The last time I bought a drugstore tool... must have been about three years ago, I bought a cheap Revlon iron that didn't heat up at all. However, I am really pleased to be able to tell you about how much I love my newest curling wand, the Conair You Curl XL.

(By the way... the box that it comes in was super large and impossible for me to photograph without glare)

I've been wanting a conical curling wand for the longest time now, but was a little hesitant to spend the money on one. By chance, I happened upon the reviews for the Conair You Curl on MakeupAlley. To my surprise, it had amazing reviews- and priced at around $30, it really was a pretty good deal.

I picked the XL version, which has a larger barrel than the original. At the widest, the barrel is 1 1/4" and tapers to a 3/4" point. I picked the XL because I wanted looser, more carefree curls. If you're going for tighter, more Taylor Swift-esque ringlets that are full of energy, I suggest getting the original size You Curl.

It comes with a heat resistant half glove, which is nice in theory but was way too big and awkward for my small hands. I found that I was more likely to fumble and drop the hot wand on my neck with it on, I'd rather risk a few burnt fingertips. The You Curl wand has a nice range of temperature, up to 400 degrees F and heats up very quickly. I found that the 330 setting was perfect for creating the soft spirals that I desired. Pair with a little bit of Kenra Hot Spray, these were my results.

For this particular relaxed, soft curls I started wrapping my hair about halfway down the length, widest part of the barrel first, alternating directions around the barrel for every section. I used large sections, holding each around the wand for about 10 seconds and completely curling my hair in roughly five minutes.

I'm really happy that I bought this Conair You Curl XL conical wand. It's a nice option to have, to make me look a little more polished and a little less "blah"!

Do you have a conical wand? Do you love it, hate it?

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  1. I've been wanting this wand for a while.. Hope I can get it soon. Btw, your hair looks really cute


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