Strings of Polish Manicure

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hello! Today's manicure was sort of done in a rush earlier today.

I used a white polish for the base, and OCC Makeup's Grandma for the "strings" of polish.

I found this really neat pin on Pinterest, but somehow I didn't manage to pin it. That's where today's manicure was based off if. I remember that the blog that it linked to explained this technique quite well, and also had a video. If anyone knows what I'm referring to, please help me find it so that I can give credit where credit is due!
 **Edit: Thanks to some very helpful comments, I tracked down the Youtube video that had the tutorial. I guess this technique is also called sugar spun nails, but this video just calls it making thin lines.**

The gist of it was to let some polish puddle and dry a little bit until it was tacky. Then using a dotting tool or some other stick thing, lift up strings of polish onto your nail. Something like that.

I topped it off with topcoat, but Grandma bled a little (what an awkward phrasing, let me try that again: the top color, Grandma, bled a little bit). Next time, I might skip the topcoat, because I sort of like the 3D textured effect the strings had.

Thanks for checking it out! Have a great night.

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  1. This is lovely. I saw something similar on I've also seen it referred to as "spun sugar" nails. The colors you used are perfect for spring.

  2. Its looks great. I must try something like this. :)

  3. "Grandma bled a little" - bahahaha!! Omg! :)


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