New Essence Colour & Go Polishes- Swatches & Review

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recently, Essence underwent some major changes. One of the things that they completely redid were the itty bitty little Colour & Go polish line. I absolutely loved these tiny little $.99 bottles of polish so when I saw the new Essence display at Ulta, I just had to buy some of the new ones to make sure that the quality was unchanged. I did it for the blog, ok? Taking one for the team.

I picked four shades- Gorgeous Bling Bling, Grey-T to Be Here, Walk on the Wild Side and Chic Reloaded.

Gorgeous Bling Bling. Weird name, sexy polish. Terracotta orange, with irregular gold flakes. Three coats.

Grey-T to Be Here. A putty grey creme with fabulous chunky raspberry-orange sparkle.

Walk on the Wild Side. An evergreen with chunky green-teal chunky sparkle.

Chic Reloaded. A vampy dark green/magenta duochrome. It's basically what I wanted Borghese Stellar Notte to be.

These new bottles are 8ml,  up from 5ml. They also cost twice as much as they did before. I like the curvy new bottle shape, the brush is easy to hold. However, the new brush is round and floppy, a little like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line or the Insta Dri line. I sort of like it, but I know not many others do.

I'm very happy with Essence. I love the unusual shades in the new display and I can guarantee you that I'll be picking up more of these new Colour & Go polishes in the future. Hopefully my crappy Ulta will get more shades!

Have you seen the new Essence stuff yet? Did you pick anything up?

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