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Monday, August 27, 2012
I miss blogging when I'm on vacation, did you know that? This blog is like my weird internet baby. Like a Tamagotchi that might die if I don't feed it every day. I'm glad to be back! This weeks is going to be really hectic. Classes started today, and I have a wedding this week as well as adjusting to a new part time job! Crazy, right?

I spent the week hanging out with the beau, a trip up to Lake Superior and an outing to the Minnesota State Fair. Our other time was spent catching up on movies (saw Brave and re-watched The Dark Knight Rises) and cuddlin'.

Some of these pics were already posted to my Instagram (@MakeupWithdrawal) but here's what I did this last week:

Went to Betty's Pies in Two Harbors. It's this pie place on the side of the highway, that has like a dozen different kinds of pie each day. So, so good! The best thing to get is a pie shake. I had strawberry apple crunch while Morgan had five layer butterscotch cream. I love coming here any time I'm in the area!

Also in northern Minnesota, near Lake Superior is a state park called Gooseberry Falls. It's really lovely there, even if it's overcrowded with tourists. This is also where I unfortunately, had a flat tire. Luckily, my Jeep has a full sized spare and I was able to drive all the way back home. 

 We ended that perfect day skipping rocks into Lake Superior while the sun set. Not at the ducks, don't worry! Skipping rocks into waves is not exactly a successful endeavor. Morgan had a four streak (he claims that it was a five, but I never saw it) while I only had a three.

 Ah, the Minnesota State Fair- The Great Minnesota Get Together. Or, for me- the land of ten thousand fast food carts. Seriously. All the crazy fried foods you can think of. Alligator on a stick. Fried Twinkie on a stick. Fried pickle on a stick. Beer on a stick (not fried, thank goodness).

Morgan is cradling a smoked turkey leg. Cradling, literally. I've never seen a man so happy in his life.

My sister and I shared a flowering onion, cheese curds and the masterpiece you see above. A decadent red velvet funnel cake, complete with cream cheese icing and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Diabetes on a plate! I've had my dessert allowance for the next.... year.

We also stopped at the Leinenkugel's beer lodge to try some of their new Berry Lemon Shandy. They make my favorite summer drink- the delicious Summer Shandy but I wasn't a fan of the Berry Lemon Shandy. Too fruity, too sweet. Like fruit punch mixed with beer. 

 Some of the baby animals at the Miracle of Birth Center. Just born!

 Since I was too busy to change polish, I wore a manicure that I knew would last. Left is after five days of wear. I had more new nail growth than tip wear or chipping! I love, love butter London All Hail McQueen.

Hope you enjoyed the vacation spam!

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