Annabelle B-Ray Revisited

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

During my move from the Philly area to Minnesota last year, I somehow managed to lose a lot of my makeup. I'm not sure how, but it really bummed me out. Among my lost treasures was Annabelle B-Ray, a discontinued Canadian matte navy shadow, utter perfection in a pan. The amazing Rae from theNotice recently sent me one of these (one of her backups, I suspect. My heart melted, you amazing woman, you!) recently in a care package and I can't tell you how happy it made me!

Over bare skin on the left, on top of primer on the right.

One of my favorite uses for B-Ray is as a liner. Used with a drop of La Femme Eye Liner Sealer, it creates an inky liner. Not quite as stark as black, but still very dark and defining.

To sum this post up, I love B-Ray and I love Rae. (B-Rae? I feel like I should rename this shadow after her.) Thank you so much Rae for inquiring after my health! :)

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