Franken: Avoidance Maneuver™

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey folks!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had a wedding to attend, of which I was a member of the bridal party- so things were really hectic between the rehearsal, the actual nuptials, the pictures and the luncheon the next day! Today, I want to show you another one of my frankens and the story behind it.

I have a friend. One of her interesting personality quirks is her remarkable ability to avoid any and all conflicts, awkward situations, confrontations and mildly uncomfortable scenarios- especially if they involve men. It's amazing really, this individual can avoid almost any imaginable issue that you can think of if she so chooses.  It's not just a skill or technique, it's an art.

So I named this franken after my friend CP because of my admiration for her Avoidance Maneuver™. No seriously, we've actually named this behavior the CP Avoidance Maneuver™.

Avoidance Maneuver™ is a violet jelly polish with fine and medium square gold glitter. Two coats pictured here. I'm happy that this polish doesn't eat topcoat.

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