Avon Eye Brushes

Monday, June 7, 2010
The lovely and gracious LipGlossJunkee included a couple brushes in my birthday present, and I want to briefly talk about 'em before I go to bed. 
They're both made with sturdy plastic handles molded into an interesting "ergonomic" handle with really soft and dense bristles. I say ergonomic in quotations because to me, it just looks like the bottoms of handles flare out, fancy lookin' and all, but of no real help to me when applying eye makeup. 
The first one is called the Rounded Shadow Brush, that's the one that with the ahem, rounded tip. Though initially I thought I'd be using it as a pencil brush, to smudge eyeliner into eyeshadow, I found that the bristles where too long, and gave way when pushed- not so good for precision control. However, it made a really great crease brush, letting me tuck dark colors into my crease with ease. 
The second brush is the flat Eye Liner Brush and I am really loving this one! It's absolutely amazing when used as a 'push brush' (used for pushing liner into the lash line for tightlining). The bristle fibers are much softer than my synthetic Sephora brush, but firm enough to manipulate easily. 
I've had a few weeks to test them both out, and they're really well made for how cheap they are! Neither one of them bled or shed, nor did the ferrules come loose or anything like that. Good job, Avon!

Have any Avon brushes?

Products shown were given to me as gift, for my own use.