Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Sticker Lashes for the False Lash Hopeful

Monday, June 28, 2010
I test drove a pair of falsies that my friend Mae sent me. They're made by Revlon (Yes! Revlon makes false lashes! They've been expanding their line to makeup brushes as well.) and the selling point is that they're self adhesive. 
I've found that plenty of women seem to be hesitant to try false lashes because the process seems complicated (and to be honest, it does take practice!) but now it's just been made one step easier. No longer does one have to dab a thin stream of glue on the falsies and wait for the perfect moment when the glues is tacky enough to apply, but not over dried. No longer does the wearer have to worry about getting glue all over the lid or lashes, or worry that it'll mess up the makeup underneath. No sir, you just take them out of the box, approximate the length for your eye shape and stick them on. Really easy to use. They even come with an applicator to help push them on to the lash line ( I didn't really find it helpful, it looks like a deformed guitar pick, using my finger sufficed). 
Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Defining
I have two styles, Defining (long lashes) and Flirty (voluminous). They definitely weren't super natural, but pretty glam for night time or over the top occasion wear. 
They stayed on all day, with the exception of one end curling up a bit, but I managed to poke it back down and there it stayed. Where was one drawback to the sticky lashes- since it wasn't glue and couldn't dry, it remained sticky all day and attracted things other than skin. At one point a strand of hair stuck to it, and I had to carefully separate the two. At another point in the afternoon, a speck of glitter got stuck in the lash line. Where it had come from, I have no clue. That's the thing about glitter, it's like getting herpes. You can't get rid of it, ever. 
Anyways, these lashes come with an extra set of adhesives, so that you can get more than one use out of them. Overall, I was really pleased with how easy they were to use.

Products shown were given to me, as a gift- I was not paid to review.

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