NOTD: Review of Revlon Cotton Candy

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Seche Vite Clear Base, Revlon Cotton Candy x4, Seche Vite
Top Coat
As I'm sure everyone knows, nail polish fumes smell just awful.  While I've yet to stumble upon a product that promises the make the process of painting nails unsmelly, there's now a product that can make them smell glorious after they are done! I'll be honest, I was highly dubious that a formula could leave a scent that didn't reek of chemicals, but Revlon's line of scented polishes actually does it. 
The polish itself is really thin and doesn't apply very evenly. It took me 4 coats for it to look unstreaky and actually 5 coats on my thumb. The color was quite pretty, a light milky pink with iridescent shimmer. Even as it dried, the chemical scent started to dissipate and was replaced by a sweet cotton candy smell. It made me so hungry. The scent even continued though I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat, which really impressed me. When I finished, it was perfectly smooth but I noticed that hours later, tiny bubbles formed in the layers of the Cotton Candy
(not at the top, with the Seche Vite). The best part was that the cotton candy smell stayed for two days (probably would have stayed longer, but I changed the polish). 

So while I am highly amused by the scented nails, the formula and crappy application keeps me from trying other polishes from the Summer Scents collection. 

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use