Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation Review

Thursday, August 5, 2010
This is the first Maybelline foundation I've tried in a long time. In fact I think the last one I used was the Pure Makeup foundation which was quite watered down and didn't provide very good coverage. However, this new foundation came out a few weeks ago and due to initial good reviews on MUA, I decided to give it a try.
I had gotten tanner and wanted to find an NC25ish foundation that was pretty cheap so that I wouldn't feel wasteful (Pfft, I'm not the sort to drop $40 on a summer bottle of MUFE HD!).
I liked that CVS had testers, because I was able to find the right color on the first try. It comes in a compact/jar style contraption, with a flip top with a spot for a sponge and a screw off base with the actual foundation inside.

For me, mousse (cream, really) foundations need to be applied a little differently than regular liquid foundations. I tried stippling it but that really messed with the coverage. Instead, I used a wet sponge to lightly pat the mousse into my skin.
The first thing I noticed was a slight tingling sensation (should have paid closer attention to that, actually). Then I peered into the mirror and second thing I noticed was hot damn, the finish was beautiful! Dream Smooth indeed! Really, my skin looked really smooth despite blemishes and scarring. The coverage was pretty decent, medium I'd say and I was really happy with the color match. I picked Classic Ivory (the second shade from the light side) and it just about matched NC25. The compact comes with a sponge, but it stains easily, so you might have to buy a bag of disposable sponge wedges.
Four hours later, uh oh. My face feels rather slick. Parts of my cheek and forehead feel swollen and tender, like right before an outbreak of zits. I can practically hear my pores screaming. I washed all the foundation off quickly, but the damage was already- 3 or 4 angry little breakouts. I'm not sure what ingredient really broke me out (usually it's the SPF, whether it be chemical or physical). Ahhh, what a pity- if it didn't break me out I would have tried to control the oil and have tried to work with it a bit. Now we'll never know.
(Actually, in the interest of full disclosure I bravely stupidly tried this foundation again a few days later. Repeat performance- acne with a few hours. But yes, I can manage the oil with a bit of silica powder on top.)
I won't say that just because this foundation broke me out, you shouldn't try it.
Since different people react differently to different things, I have no idea how it'll work for you. It was $9.50, but there was a manufacturer's coupon nearby for two dollars off. The crappy thing is that the color range is REALLY limited. Keep in mind that quite a few of the foundations are the same light/darkness, but are various undertones.
Bottom line is- if it doesn't break you out and you can find a shade that matches, it's a great finish for a drugstore foundation. Perhaps especially for dry skin, since the formula is so creamy.

Have you tried this foundation yet?
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