Review: Cargo Ceylon Eyeshadow

Monday, August 16, 2010
I'm emotionally turbulent about this shadow, I really am.
Look at it. Doesn't it look nice? Doesn't it look like it's waving "Mimi, come uuuuuuse me! I'm gonna be the most perfect plum shade ever."
The first 4 times I used this shadow, blech- was the payoff terrible! It looked dingy and not very shimmery, it couldn't be more disagreeable of a color more like a dried up raisin color than a friendly plum.
Indoors, under lightbox.
Then, some miracle happened (not really, I think I broke through the top of the cake, where it was harder and less pigmented) and wow, was the color great! It was this smokey, sparkly plum, softer texture and way better pigmentation- better in every way. My heart leapt for joy but fell back to the ground very quickly. You see, there was still one thing keeping this shadow from being perfect and that was the lasting power. With a primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion, I've never had a problem with shadow lasting, anything I put on my lids pretty much lasts the whole day. I mean, it doesn't look as crisp and fresh as when I put it on, but you can still see the pure color. Nope, not with this shadow. Within four hours, it had slumped down my eyelids and looked like that dirty, awful shade that I had started this paragraph describing. 
Even when used wet- the same thing happened!(Though with a bit of staining too) I purchased this heavily discounted at $8, so I'm not super upset but I will say that I'm disappointed. I guess I'll use this as a liner with my La Femme sealer, but I'll pout every time, know what potential it could have had.

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use.


  1. Aww sad. All of my UD shadows are like this on me, which is why I blogsale them and am resisting the Naked palette. I've tried UDPP, UDPP+Painterly, Painterly by itself, etc and the best I can get is horribly faded in 5 hours (which admittedly is better than horribly creased and greasy in 3 hours but still...)

  2. @Catherine
    Aww, I was wondering why you got rid of all your UD! :/


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