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Thursday, August 12, 2010
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My love for Seche Vite knows no bounds, so naturally when I realized the importance of a base coat, I looked to other Seche products to provide me with the awesomeness I associate with the top coat.
Alas, Seche Clear fell far behind its golden sibling. How do you describe something that doesn't perform up to your standards but isn't horrendous either? The only way I can think of is with a sound. 
Seche Clear doesn't really prevent staining... nope, the yellowing caused by China Glaze Entourage certainly taught me that (a medium creme green polish with tiny bit of shimmer) even though I had used a couple coats of the Clear underneath. Seche Clear doesn't really prolong manicures either. It doesn't make them chip faster or anything, but when my polish chips, it comes off in really big sections like entire bits of the Seche Clear are peeling off. Eeek. Seche Clear, similar to its brother Seche Vite, also seems to thicken up halfway through the bottle. 
Basically, this just a clear polish. No real perks, but by itself it doesn't yellow the nail so on those rare days I like to go without nail color, I'll use a coat. I'm currently trying to use up my bottle of Seche Clear, just so that I can recycle the bottle for frankening. 
Seche Clear is $7 or so and can be found at drugstores and beauty supply shops as well as online. 

Have you used Seche Clear before?

All products were purchased by me for my own use. 

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