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Sunday, August 8, 2010
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I was gonna show you a picture of mine, but who wants
to see a bottle of half used Seche Vite?
I own quite a few Seche products, so I figured that while I'm on this nail polish kick, I could tell you about my experience with them!
First up, Seche Vite! This product has totally changed nails for me. I honestly never used to do my nails because I always smudged them and nails never look good embossed with my sticky fingerprints. Sometime in May, I grabbed a bottle of SV off the shelves of CVS somewhat impulsively. I'd never heard of it before (and actually had no idea how to pronounce it).
When I got home, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, while it does reek of chemicals, but it goes on easily and dries my polish within a minute. Usually, I do 3 coats of colored polish and wait about 3 minutes between each coat and the final top coat immediately after the last coat, before it's set all the way. The thing I like the most is that SV doesn't smudge my previous coats (except for those cheapie brand-less nail art pens, but I blame the pens, not SV!).
Now, I can't really tell you exactly how many days it extends my manicures for two reasons-
1) I'm hard on my fingers. I'm always washing dishes, doing yard work, etc. People talk about going 3 or 4 days without chips and the same color, but that's probably never going to happen for me, unless I pour liquid Teflon onto my nails (does Teflon even come in liquid form?).
2) I like to change my nail polish on average, once a day.
But I can say that if I want super duper invincibility, I'll even do 2 coats of Seche Vite. I also love the glossy high shine it gives, and it doesn't yellow my nails. It doesn't really require extra scrubbing or anything, it comes off as easily as other glossy polishes do.
There is one problem, after you get through 1/2 of the bottle, it starts getting really thick and goopey. It doesn't change color or anything, just gets thicker and more difficult to apply. I had to buy some Seche Restore to adjust it's consistency, but once I added a few drops and gave it a good shake- it returned back to normal. (I promise a whole 'nother post about Seche Restore!)
Now the best part about Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat is that it's $7 and has lasted me about 3 months, even though I use it almost every day!

P.S.- It's pronounced  'Sesh Veet'!

What's your favorite top coat?

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  1. I just got Seche Vite & it is the BEST TOP COAT EVER!!!! :) I also got the CND Stickey Basecoat. What a great start & finish these two make. I'll never be without them!!
    I just tried the S.V. with 2 coats last night .... we'll see how it works out!!!! :)


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