Crackle, Snapple, Pop- Barry M Instant Effects Polish

Sunday, October 31, 2010
2x Wet'n'Wild French White Creme, 1x Instant Effects
When nail bloggers from the UK first started to blog about this polish, I was blown away. I know crackle polish isn't exactly super new (BYS has been making some for a while) but I'd never seen anything so cool. Luckily, at the time I was in the midst of arranging a swap with Jess from Blogger Fae Glasgae and managed to get my hands on a bottle.
Barry M Instant Effects did not disappoint. It's fascinating to put on, and almost instantly the cracking begins. The whole process finishes pretty much within a minute.
Same mani, with one more coat of Instant Effects. Pre- cleanup!
Now, for the best crackle effect it's important to follow the directions- put one smooth coat on over another color (or clear base coat) and don't go back and retouch if you've missed a spot because that area will be thicker and not crackle as well. If you'd like to intensify the black crackle to under color ratio, wait a minute for the process to finish, and put on a second coat. The neat thing is that it cracks in the same areas, leading me to think that the lacquer pulls away from the places where the attachment to the surface underneath it is the weakest.
I haven't tried a whole lot of combinations of color with crackle pairings yet, but I think that bright, neon colors provide the most amount of contrast with the matte black crackle to provide the most interesting look. A girl in my class suggested I do neon pink next time underneath Instant Effects, and I think I'll definitely do that!
I don't remember exactly how much Barry M Instant Effects was (believe it was under £5) but if you're wondering where to get it on this side of the pound, have no fear. It's rumored that the Katy Perry OPI collection will feature a crackle polish. My cool crackle polished fingers are crossed in hope that it's true!

What do you think of crackle coats? Are you like me, thinking it's the coolest thing since sliced bread and can't wait to see it in more colors, or is this trend a pass for you?

Product was obtained in mutually beneficial swap.

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