New Melmer! Also NOTD.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
A sneak peak into Drawer #1
Micheal's Arts and Craft Store had a 40% off on scrapbook materials, including storage. So I got myself one of those nifty drawer storage devices dubbed "Melmer" ('Cause you know how Ikea sells Helmers?). It was a bitch to put together ('scuse my language) because the little screws that go into the drawers are nearly impossible to screw in with a standard Phillips screwdriver. Enter, Krazy Glue.
Yes, that's right- I superglued that sucker together. It actually holds, and no broken nails!

Here's the nails I did afterwards:

The base color is Orly La Playa. I then sponged Hard Candy Mr Wrong over it, but the sponge absorbed the jelly base, and it ended up just showing as that gold microglitter. Then, I put a coat of my silver flakes (you know, the Rococco Gold Flake Lacquer dupe that I made, in silver).

Kinda gaudy, but that's ok! I was hoping for some bright bling.

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