Wet'n'Wild Lust Palette

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I'm a terrible, bad blogger. I bought this palette like six months ago (around the time I bought those singles) and completely forgot to blog about it. Argh! I finally remembered it today when I was talking about it with a friend on Twitter and realized, oh hey- I never showed you how awesome the pigmentation is.
Oh well! The chances are pretty good that you've already seen swatches and raves about this palette elsewhere. I wouldn't be surprised. This is such a great quality palette! Each shade is super pigmented, easy to blend and the packaging isn't like the previous Wet'n'Wild palettes (ugh, remember how ridiculously bulky those Ultimate Expressions palette were? I freaking loved Paradise Cove and Sand Castle, but they were the size of VCR tapes).
There's six colors- three mattes, three with some sort of sparkle/shimmer.
Indoors, flash, under a lightbox.
From left to right: a light matte peach, a matte violet, a dark matte black-plum. A cream matte with sparkles, a shimmery graphite and my favorite- a blackened purple with violet micro glitter. Unlike a lot of blackened shadows, where once you start to blend it becomes this dark mess with a ton of fallout and the glitters buff away completely. Not this one, it stays beautiful!
Now that Halloween is coming up, I wanted to bring up that if you happen to be looking for some bright, pigmented shadows you might not own but need to completely your costume- try these Wet'n'Wild palettes! They're $4.99 each (but frequently 40% off) and these palettes contain a lot of shades that have been said to be dupes of MAC shades (like Shimmermoss!).
I had kind of given up on drugstore makeup (am I guilty of makeup snobbery? I think I might be) but this is an absolute gem.

Have you tried any of the Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon palettes?

Product was purchased by me, for my own use.

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