Color Club Untamed Luxury Collection: Covered in Diamonds

Monday, October 18, 2010
2x Orly La Playa, 1x Covered in Diamonds, 2x Seche Vite
Indoors, under natural light box, flash
I'm so sorry, this post is way late since this collection has been out for quite a while already! But I -had- to blog about this particular polish (or fancy topcoat, rather) since I think it is the most unique lacquer of the whole collection.
Color Club's Covered in Diamonds is this awesome enamel that is jelly like in consistency with these amazing prismatic shards. They vary in size and shape but are really quite opalescent and reflective! My classmates oohed and ahhed over my nails when I wore Covered in Diamonds over a dark navy colored base (Orly La Playa) because they had never seen anything like it.
There's only one slight downside to this polish, and that is the shards don't quite lie flat on the nail and tend to catch on fabric and snag a bit. The first time I wore it, I didn't put a top coat over it and the little bits caught on the upholstery of my vehicle and ruined my manicure. I learned from that experience though, and now put two coats of Seche Vite (or any thick top coat, really) over Covered in Diamonds which really smooths out the surface and keeps it snag free.
In short, I'm absolutely dazzled by this polish and really urge you to get it to try it out. I bought mine at my local beauty shop for about $3 and it is definitely one of my favorite fall buys.

Product was purchased by me, for my own use. 

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