EOTD + Lovely Blog Award (And Fun Facts)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I was recently tagged for a few blog awards, and I like answering the questions so I figured I'd do one today along with a EOTD.

I was tagged by Kirsten from Geeky Owl for the Lovely Blog Award. So here's the seven facts about me:

1. I eat one Greek yogurt a day during the weekdays so I that's how I keep track of the days of the week.
For example:
5 yogurts left: Argh. It's Monday.
4 yogurts left: It's Tuesday.
3 yogurts left: It's Wednesday.
2 yogurts left: It's Thursday.
1 yogurt left: Finally! It's Friday!
0 yogurt left: It's Saturday.What the heck am I doing awake? Back to bed I go.

2. I like children. In theory.

3. One time, when I young and my little brother was even younger, I convinced him that this sparkly lotion I had turned the wearer invisible. So he rubbed it all over his bare skin and I pretended that he had disappeared. "Andrew! Where did you go?"
Then I told him that I could obviously still see his clothes, they were floating in the air.
My mother found him dancing on the dining table naked. He still gets pretty mad any time I bring this incident up. I laugh myself silly anytime I think about it.

4. I have an (incomplete) tattoo of a postage stamp on my right side. It's incomplete because at the time, I couldn't figure out what to put in it. So I guess it is more accurate say that I have a tattoo of a perforated rectangle.

5. I like foods that combine salty/sweet tastes. Like bacon ice cream, salads with bleu cheese and craisins, etc.

6. My dog and I like to play a game. We only do this when he has just had a bath and is clean'n'fluffy. Basically he gets in my bed and I use my comforter to roll him into a burrito. I pretend to eat him. He mostly just lays there. So.... I guess I like to play this game. He could couldn't care less.

7. I don't follow rules for tagging others for blog awards. Spoil sport? Yes.

Back to my EOTD:

I tried Illamsqua's skin sketching technique. I thought it wouldn't work with my eye shape but to my surprise I loved how it turned out. This leads me to the conclusion that I need more eye pencils, like the MAC Chromagraphics or the Illamasqua Medium Pencils.

I used:
Brows: NARS Bali
Eyes: MAC Chromagraphic NC/NW25 pencil, Prestige Total Intensity liner in Deepest Black, MAC Copperplate, Milani Almondine, Stars Makeup Haven Carnal Knowledge, Rock & Republic Fatalistic, La Femme Eyeliner Sealer, Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume + Curl mascara, Milani HD Advanced concealer

Thank you Kirsten for the blog award tag!

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