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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
I'm sure that with the death of Google Friend Connect, many of you readers are turning to new ways to follow your favorite blogs. Even though I'm a Blogger user, I still think it's kinda awful that Google would do this. I know that numbers aren't everything but I can imagine that if you're a Wordpress user, the sudden drop down to "zero" followers may make it feel a bit lonely! Never fear, luckily there are some great ways out there to keep getting your daily dose of your favorite blog, no matter what blogging platform they use.
I thought I'd try to help by pointing out a few new (and old) features here on this blog!

I've had a Bloglovin' icon for a really long time, on the left hand side of the page. I like that Bloglovin' is quite simple and elegant to use, easy to keep track of your favorite blogs' most recent posts.
hellocotton's little friend widget is a new thing here on MakeupWithdrawal. Doesn't it look quite a bit like GFC? You get to see all the friendly faces of the followers. What I like about hellocotton is that the site really seems to encourage interaction between readers and bloggers. It's like a little community, where you can see what others have to say about the post without ever leaving the page.

Of course, if you're all fancy and great with feed readers (in other words, not me) then you can always subscribe to the RSS feed with your favorite reader. I know that many people like Google Reader but I've heard that it has a limit of 2500 blogs (who has time to read 2500 blogs?!)
 Last but not least, we have the old standby- email. This sends you an email of each post so that you can be sure that you never miss out! The only drawback to this is that it doesn't update instantly, you usually receive my complete post in email form about 8-12 hours after I've published it. You can cancel your subscription at any time (why would you? wouldn't you miss my happy little face? No?). Doesn't a little dash of beauty sound great in between your work emails?

Anyways, no matter what you chose to do, I hope you stay in touch! I'd love to hear from everyone, how do you follow your favorite blogs?

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