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Monday, February 6, 2012

Today I received the most amazing package in the mail. I squealed the entire time it took to cut open the package then realized how awesome my friend Jian is, from Pinkfish Tart. Not only is she sweet and sent me extras THAT SHE HAD NO BUSINESS DOING but without her, I would not have my hands on the prettiest color I have ever seen in a bottle.
I would write Jian a haiku... but I'm horrible at poetry.

Here is two coats of Fantasy Fire over Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz.  I took these pictures in various lighting conditions and odd angles because I wanted to capture that amazing rainbow color shift from red-violet through copper, gold, yellow green and finally green (oh Clarins 230, how I wish I owned you) that Fantasy Fire has.

As you can see, Fantasy Fire is very sheer and definitely needs some matching underwear. I bet that it'd look the best over a indigo or purple jelly finish. The only down side to this polish is that in comes in a scant 4.5ml bottle that costs £3.99. This is my smallest polish I've ever purchased, and probably the most expensive one if you do a $/ml comparison.

Totally worth it.

Thank you again Jian, for helping me obtain this beautiful, distilled unicorn pee color!

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