Not Just Another Black Polish: Chanel Black Satin

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Behold, another polish in this series of posts about black polishes that aren't just plain black! Upon first glance, this polish may pass for a black creme but upon closer inspection it reveals itself to be a very fine shimmer. Black Satin is a bit sheerer than say, Wet'n'Wild Black Creme (which is a one coater), and takes two coats to get to total opacity. Somehow, this black doesn't seem to be as stark as some of the other ones out there- a gentler black if you will. 
Two coats, topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. 
I didn't buy this polish, my makeup fairy godmother gifted to me a few months ago- it has a steep price tag! $23, whew. I think that if you really wanted this polish- you could easily make it by combining 3/4 bottle regular black polish with 1/4 bottle of a really fine white shimmer polish.

After I put this polish on to show you, I actually really wasn't feeling it. So I topped it off with the fantastically flakied Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. 

I love the way the light reflects off the flakes in Hidden Treasure, the dark color beneath it really brings it out. What do you think of this black polish? Or the flakies topped on top of it?

Black Satin was gifted to me, Hidden Treasure was purchased by me for my own use. 

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