A Closer Look At Wet'n'Wild Ice Baby Collection

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Good afternoon!
As promised yesterday, here's some better pictures of the Wet'n'Wild Ice Baby collection. Extra large pictures today. I want you to drool over every inch of your screen.

All the polishes have a clear base. In the following pictures, I did three coats of each polish. They probably could have been done with one coat of underwear + two coats of glitter polish, whatever your preference may be. Formula wasn't too bad, or too good (it's chock full of glitter, I've never had a super easy experience with glitters in a clear base) and the big brush top was kinda awkward to use at first.

Rockin' Rubies
Red micro glitter and pink opalescent glitter.

24 Carats
Orange and gold thin bar glitter with gold micro glitter.

Give Me A Price Quote
Yellow-green thin bar glitter and micro glitter.

Cost Is No Issue
Micro teal glitter with blue round glitter

Believe Me, It's Real
Blue micro glitter with purple round glitter.

Back Alley Deals
Purple micro glitter with magenta round glitter.

It's All In The Cut
Lavender micro glitter with pink round glitter.

Diamond In The Rough
Silver and black micro glitter with round silver holographic-ish round glitter. I say 'holographic-ish' because I feel like the rainbow of colors these glitter particles reflect are softer, more muted than most holo glitters. Almost opalescent?

They all dried quite rough, and I used one coat of Gelous and another of Barielle Quick Drying Topcoat on top.
Here they are, on top of black (Wet'n'Wild Black Creme).

Left to right: Rockin' Rubies, 24 Carats, Give Me A Price Quote, Cost Is No Issue

Left to right: Believe Me It's Real, Back Alley Deals, It's All In The Cut, Diamond In The Rough

I felt like most of these were too dense to get an even coat across the black. However, Believe Me It's Real, Back Alley Deals and Diamond in the Rough looked quite stunning! Speaking of these three, I think they look quite familiar, hmm?

If you look at VampyVarnish's swatches of Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter polishes in Connaught Square and Sloane Square (click HERE) they look quite similar to Believe Me It's Real and Diamond In The Rough. Also check out Polishtopia's pics of Bloomsbury Square (here), very much like Back Alley Deals, right? Therefore, I submit to you that I have found three close (perhaps not perfect, I don't have all of them to compare) dupes for Nail Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitters. 

These polishes were $2.99 each for 0.34 fl. oz each.  Yes, a dollar more expensive than previous Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon polishes but I would like to point out that they are crammed full of glitter. Well worth the cost I think (except you know... if you hate glitter...).

Special thanks to Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity. If she hadn't written a post about looking for things above shelves, I might have never known that those things could be purchased! I had always been aware of merchandise up there but had never reached for them.

I also wanted to add (I'll shut up after this, last thing I swear!)- if you've been one of those people who've been driving around, entering drugstores hoping to find an LE polish or other makeup item and have been shy or worried that that the salespeople might think you're weird... I say dagnabbit, do as you please! I've been THAT weird polish lady and I'm past the point of caring. Sure, I used to get weird looks when I asked about collections and left empty handed when the store didn't carry it but the truth is, it doesn't matter what the salespeople think. In five minutes, when they're helping a crotchety old lady find Polident, they will have forgotten all about you.  It's about the thrill of the hunt (or perhaps the frustration) and finding that item that brings YOU joy to clutch it in your hands. YOU pay for the item, YOU get to enjoy it! 
So hold your head high when asking salespeople if they'll get down displays or check in the back for collections that haven't been brought out yet. Enjoy your great find. (But perhaps keep yourself from screeching with happiness, I can't really rationalize that one for you.)

Have a great week and happy hunting.


Any of these catch your eye?

Products featured were purchased by me for my own use. For additional information please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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