New Wet'n'Wild I ❤ Matte Palette

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Good afternoon! Today I went on an adventure with a friend. We went to six different drug stores in search of limited edition Wet'n'Wild products. Nutty, yes. Successful? Also yes. 
Behold! The fruit of my laborious journey! The new Wet'n'Wild I [Heart] Matte palette.

Let's let the swatches speak for themselves. 
All of these are over primer, photo was taken indoors under my light box without flash (not that great of sunlight by the time I got home). 

The colors from left to right:
Copy-paper white.
A nude shade (very similar to Brulee single) that closely matches my inner arm skin tone.
Jade green.
Raw sienna/ peachy color.
A bright blue.
A dark maroon tinged brown.
Vivid purple.
Flat black.

They are all finely milled and have a great smooth texture, with respectable pigmentation. All of the shades really adhered well to my skin as I was swatching. I'm impressed by this palette because I think the jade green, the interesting orange-peachy color and the purple are not common drugstore shades. I would have paid $5 for the green shade alone, it's just an absolutely lovely color. 
I also appreciate the quality white, nude, dark brown and black. Though I may have these colors already elsewhere in my stash, any makeup lover knows how important these staple shades are to enhance a variety of looks. 
In short, this a fabulous palette. There's bright colors right alongside classic neutrals and all the shadows have a great consistency. I would highly recommend picking one up if you see it at Walgreens.

Note: This week all Wet'n'Wild is B1GO 1/2 off, including the 8 pan palettes. Make good use of this sale!

Have you seen this palette yet in person? Will you be buying it if you do?


Product featured was purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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