A Small Fyrinnae Order- Swatches

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Good evening! I placed a small Fyrinnae order about a week ago. I was surprised that it got to me so quickly, considering that their Halloween collection just came out and I bet they are swamped with orders. I guess my order was rather small (all minis) and had all old shades, perhaps that's why.
I bought eight shades- Boytoy, Madame & Eve's, Pumpkinfire, Fire Opal, Te Amo, Trickery, Conjurer, Mephisto and received Purgatory as my free sample.  It's like they read my mind- I had been meaning to add Purgatory to my cart but forgot and submitted my order without it. Awesome.
Top Row, l-r: Boytoy, Madame & Eve's, Pumpkinfire
Middle Row: Fire Opal, Te Amo, Trickery
Bottom Row: Conjurer, Mephisto, Purgatory
Here's my outdoors swatches. Top row is using Pixie Epoxy, bottom row is on bare skin.

Boytoy- a blackened, glittering evergreen
Madame & Eve's (Arcane Magic)- a darkened eggplant with teal sparkle
Pumpkinfire- a matte black with orange sparks
Fire Opal- a warm tawny bronze shimer
Te Amo- a pink-coppery shifting shimmer in a muted, shadowy base. So hard to describe, so complex, so beautiful.
Conjurer (Arcane Magic)- teal shimmer in a magenta base
Mephisto- fuchsia shimmer in a matte indigo base, causing it to look like all sorts of stunning at different angles
Purgatory-a red in a blackened base, very velvety looking
I really like most of the shades- though I find that some of the Arcane Magics are hard for me to work with. For instance the sparkles in Madame & Eve's (similarly, Warrior Mage) move around on me as I'm applying, like the shadow isn't cohesive and not all the ingredients want to work together. Not that big of a deal, since I usually apply over a sticky base like MAC Mixing Medium Gel or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
My favorites from this bunch are Mephisto and Te Amo. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe them! For some reason, I expected Fire Opal to look more... opal- like. The way Te Amo does. Silly me.
Last but not least, I'm storing my mini loose shadows in a new way now- taking a page out of Joey's (Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies) book. Thanks, Joey for the simple yet effective storage idea!

I bought a small bead organizer for $5. Filled it with 22 shadows. Each of my mini Fyr shadows has a home now, before they were all bangin' around in my drawer, getting everything messy.

However, to my horror I discovered that I'm missing my Polar Bear shadow. ARGH! Let the hair pulling and head banging ensue, that is one of my all time favorite shadows.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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