Cleaning Day! + More Walmart HD Brushes

Sunday, April 25, 2010
I spent all of Saturday afternoon rearranging my stash.
Since moving into the apartment, I've slowly taken over the computer desk (where we keep our desktop and also my laptop) with my makeup. Mr. MakeupWithdrawal stood steadfast, refusing to give in, thinking that somehow he might someday reclaim this large desk for his use. But yesterday, Saturday April 25th- I am proud to announce that he has surrendered unconditionally. He not only took the desktop computer off and took apart the jungle of cords that hooked up the speakers, he also moved it to my own corner of the apartment so that I might have better lighting.  Another perk was that from this set up, I can easily take videos.
Under the desk, left hand side
I also found some cash that I had squirreled away and completely forgotten about! Mr. M has also promised that when we buy a house, he'll build me a vanity (not holding my breath for this one). 

View from the desk

Ok, on the brush review. If you remember, last time I went to Walmart and bought two 'HD' brushes- a big soft bronzer brush and a highlighter brush (read about that here). This time, I thought I would grab one of the synthetic angled blush brushes (Around $6.50)  and also a sharpener (98 cents, I lose these about as often as I lose my lip balms). The blush brush is wonderful, silky smooth with a round, angled cut top. At first it had a bit of a smell, but I washed it two times (no shedding or bleeding!) and the scent came out after the first rinse. 
It's hard to tell, but I think this brush might even be softer than my Ecotools ones. Yes, really! I see myself using this one a lot for contouring.
I also like the sharpener. At first, I was a bit puzzled at the rubber cover that plugs every opening, but upon further pondering, I realized that it would help keep the sharpener clean and dust free. And it's ridiculously cheap at under a dollar! Even N.Y.C. sharpeners are $1.98 but this one is half that cost and very sturdy. It has two built in sharpeners, one for your standard pencil eyeliner and the other one for jumbo sized pencils like NYX Milk. 
Pretty productive day, eh?
All items featured were purchased by me, for my own use.

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