NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't look at me like that. It was an impulse buy. It had neutrals. It was also on sale at Ulta for $7.49 so I couldn't help myself. Let me start out by saying that:
-If you like bright colors and candy colored eyeshadow, this palette is not for you.
-If you want a palette that is dramatic and great for nights out, this palette is not for you.
-If you already have a ton of neutrals, this palette is not for you.
I think you get the point. I just can't stress enough that if you aren't looking for this sort of thing, then of course you won't find it palatable. 
1. Frosty champagne, slightly peachy
2. White matte
3. Satin light taupe
4. Shimmer medium golden taupe
5. Matte medium rose brown
6. Matte ashy dark brown. 
7. Frosty champagne (similar to #1 but more golden)
8. Pearly pink
9. Shimmery taupe with a touch of plum
10. Matte black
Well, what is this palette actually good for? I think that if you're new to neutrals (is there such a thing?) and need a decent array of eyeshadows to play with. These light brown shades are pretty good as all over the colors.
I'll be honest though, some of these shades aren't the awesome buttery NYX texture that I'm accustomed to. The shimmery/pearly shades are pretty decent but the matte shades (2, 6, 8) are not as good as the NYX singles. Shade number 2, a matte white is in fact a little chalky (Is there even a non-chalky matte out there?). 
This is the kind of palette you leave in your desk at work for the days you get there late and realize you forgot to look in the mirror. 
You can do a near complete eye look with just this palette. In fact, for some reason the black in this palette (while far from the best black I have ever used) is remarkably amazing as a liner. You can highlight, contour your crease and line your eyes all in one, so I think it's a great value. But it just doesn't cut it for everyday use because so many of the shades are very similar.
I do however want to check out the rest of the palettes, perhaps the colors will draw me in more.
Have any of the NYX palettes?
Edit: After a few weeks, this shadows in this palette became utterly crumbled due to the soft, airy nature of the shadows. I didn't even travel with it or anything, it just crumbled while being with other palettes in a drawer! 


  1. This post made me want to haul out my C&C palette and play around with it a little bit....I think pairing some of these neutrals with brights (possibly from UD?) would make it a little more fun. Have you found a non-chalky white matte yet? Is that something to add to list (along with naming the long-lost Jane e/s?)

  2. A while back, before I bought my more expensive e/s, I bought a few of these palettes for really, really cheap (they were on this one website for $6 and change). I own Jazz Night, Versus, and 3 of the eye color ones, For Green, For Blue and For Brown Eyes Only. I have to say that these e/s are not as good as the ones in the singles, but they were good for me at the time. I hardly use them now, but I like Jazz Night best. I've since broken For Blue Eyes (snapped off lid), and I noticed that the e/s at lower right corners on these palettes started cracking for some unknown reason. I did travel with them, and they were great and versatile for that.

  3. @LPG
    Much like Bigfoot, the perfect matte non-chalky white is elusive and I'm a skeptic. Until the day I hold either in my grubby little hands, it's not real.
    Yeah, this palette wasn't one of my smarter buys. I think my mother would appreciate it though because she doesn't really have any eye shadows. But next time, I'll most likely stick to the singles and my high quality shadows.

  4. Mimi---Earlier today on MUA someone posted that the new WnW white is a satin matte. I haven't tried it yet...have you? I only have sparkly whites (my Dior single is my fave so far) so I am now really really really lemming a matte white or satin matte white that does the trick.

  5. @LPJ
    You can't announce something like that and NOT post a link about it. That's illegal. I'm off to google this.


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