New Notices and Revlon Singles

Monday, April 19, 2010
I just wanted to talk about a few new features to this blog. First, notice on the left hand side of the page there's a Formspring box that says, "Ask Me Anything"? That'll allow anyone to ask me any thing (surprise!). I'm hoping that the questions will be makeup related, but hey- I'll still answer questions about my favorite movie theater candy or if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob. It's a really neat feature- you can ask questions totally anonymously if you want to. If there's enough interest, every so often I'll post some of the more interesting questions and their answers here. 
Also, on the top of the page where there's a menu of sorts- there's a new addition. I thought I'd make a handy swatch gallery where all the swatches can be found so that they're easy to compare. It's also great for people who are really determined not to read. 
Alright, Revlon singles!
Here's the ones I have so far- (Perle) Glistening Snow, Black Galaxy, Violet Starlet. (Satin) Nude Slip and (Matte) Aubergine. 
I'd like to point out that I think the rather obvious misnomers- the finish names. By Perle, Revlon means matte or sheer shimmer with SPARKLE, GLITTER, HOLY SHIT SPARKLE. Sorry to jump out at you like that with caps and stuff, but I had to get the point across. By Satin, they mean shimmer. Matte is the only accurate description. 
I think they are really hit or miss- I returned Peach Sorbet (Matte) because I thought the texture was just awful and it turned out to be a hot chalky mess. However, I really do like the other ones that I have, I think the pigmentation (especially with Black Galaxy and Violet Starlet) are is pretty darn good. The blending is so-so, but I do like the lasting power. Sorry I didn't take pictures outside in the sun, but really- I think you get a great idea of the color quality. 

Notes: Glistening Snow is a -sheer- white silver sparkle. Violet Starlet is red based violet with silver sparkle. Black Galaxy is a black with a hint of green blue (tell me I'm not crazy and you see it too) with silver sparkle. Nude slip is a bronzy nude shimmer (really smooth texture). Aubergine is a matte dark grey/purple. 
Aubergine sounds gross, doesn't it? I actually really like it, surprisingly. It's really good for smokey eyes- like taking black down a notch and adding dimension and interest. I'll definitely be buying more of these (don't ever pay full price for 'em, they're always on sale somewhere) because I think they are great for drugstore products. 
So, what do you think? Has my favorable opinion of them convinced you to give them a chance?


  1. I bought a bunch of these, too. I have to say that I like the Polished Bronze because that looks pretty taupey on me. Of the mattes (most purchased at 75% off), I have Pink Innocence, Venetian Blue, Tempting Teal, Rich Sable, Riviera Blue and Aubergine. Of the shimmery ones I have Polished Bronze, Platinum Glimmer, Sunlit Sparkle and Glistening Snow. I really should do swatches, but the weather has been weird and the lighting awful. I agree the blending is so-so, but I had also had a problem with a little bit of creasing (I always use UDPP for new e/s I'm trying). Not fond of the glitter, but it's not as bad as some.

  2. @Mae
    Oh wow, you have a lot! I really want Venetian Blue right now, it just looks so bright and fun. No idea how to wear it though. I actually have no idea how any eyeshadow performs without UDPP! I don't think I've gone a day without wearing it since buying it.


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