NOTD: Sad Panda

Friday, July 30, 2010
Why is this panda sad? 'Cause he doesn't have any friends, I only painted one on my ring finger. He's also sad because my nail art skills are lacking, and that I have no nail brushes so that he came out kinda of crappy. In addition, he's miserable because I was very lazy and didn't really do such a good job on the rest of the nails. Hah! Actually, he's kind of more Googly Eyed Panda than Sad.
These pictures were taken before I put on Seche Vite Top Coat and cleaned up, because I had a feeling that it might smear and I was right. Sad Panda ended up in a very pitiful state indeed.

1x Essie Protein Base, 3x Confetti Moonstruck, and I used those brandless white and black nail pens.

Better luck next time, Panda.

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