Zoya Fleck Effect Polishes

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flaked polishes are all the rage this spring and luckily for us, Zoya has three new Fleck polishes to drool over.

First up is Opal, worn here over Zoya Shawn. It's translucent green with you guessed it, very shiny green flakes with a shift to blue.

Next we have Maisie which is a thin blue base with flakes that shift from green to blue. Here, I've picked Zoya Mira to wear underneath Maisie.

Chloe is a translucent pink with bright coppery/gold flakes. In addition, it looks like there are also a few green flakes too, though sparse compared to the copper ones. It's my favorite of the three, because I don't really have another flake polish like it. Here, I'm wearing on top of Zoya Juicy.

In all of the pictures, I used two coats on top of my base color. Some people might prefer just one, others might even like three coats for a more densely packed look. The formula is quite nice, very fluid compared to other flaked polishes which can get thick and goopy. By themselves, these effect polishes are much too translucent to wear by themselves, they're really meant for doubling your polish wardrobe.

The only thing that I can critique is that the flakes in Opal and Maisie are the same green to blue shift particles. Layered on top of other shades, they look quite similar but not quite. It seems that Opal is just a bit more green and Maisie shifts a bit more blue, but I could be seeing things.  It would have been nice if one of them contained blue to purple shifting flakes instead.

Which Zoya Fleck polish appeals the most to you?

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